Clause one

The Club was formed in 1991 within the legal framework as laid down under French Laws of July and August 1901. The Club is called CLUB INTERNATIONAL ANGLAIS (C.I.A.).

Clause two

The Club exists for its members and is a voluntary, non-profit-making organization. Members must share knowledge of the English language and a desire to participate in Club activities.

Clause three - Registered Office:

The registered office of the Club is Chemin de la Fin, 74200 Marin. It can be transferred by decision of the Committee and the majority agreement of the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Clause four - Membership

The Club membership comprises of:

(a) Full Members

(b) Honorary Members

Clause five - Admission

Full Member

New members are admitted according to the Admission Procedure as posted by the Committee in

the Club House.

Honorary Member

Honorary membership may be granted by the Committee to any member who has given exceptional service to the club. Any honorary member has lifetime membership without further payment of the annual subscription fee.

Clause six - Loss of membership

Membership can be terminated by:

(a) Resignation of the member

(b) Death of a member

(c) Non-payment of subscription

(d) Or for any other reason as decided by the Committee

Clause seven - The Committee

The Committee comprises of members of the Club elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee consist of: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary,

Treasurer, Social Secretary, Assistant Social Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Club Hostess.

With the exception of the position of Club Hostess each Committee position is held for one year only. Each committee member may stand for re-election to the Committee as many times that he or she feels able to do so. Each member seeking election must have one member nominating them and another member seconding them, with the Club membership voting in a “show of hands”.

Clause eight - Income of the Club

The Club's income is in the form of annual subscriptions as set by the Committee, plus various fund-raising events. The Club's statement of finances are audited and presented to the Annual General Meeting for the approval of the members..

Clause nine - Member’s Personal Responsibility

Members participate in club activities entirely at their own risk.

Members should understand and accept that the Club is run by a non-professional Committee and the Club does not undertake to provide goods or services of any kind nor can it accept any liability for loss or injury however sustained.

Members must respect the Club house and accept that this located in a private home and the owner kindly permits club activities to take place in the ground floor salon and garden.

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