AGM Minutes of meeting, november 2015



Wednesday 4 November 2015 20.00 hrs Club house
         Di Robertson --  President     
         Debbie Bryant --   Vice President   
         Odette Meynet -- Treasurer
         Steve Bryant -- Editor/Publisher Newsletter 
         Josette McKenzie --  Club Hostess
         Marilyn Hubble – Soc.secretary,  Laurence Cottet Dumoulin --  Ass.soc.secretary
         Pamela Hindle  --  Secretary,   Jennie Mansfield -- Ass. secretary

Minutes of the Meeting

1.    Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Mark Betts, Steve and Debbie Bryant, Jim Cathcart, Jackie Rouge, Ben Thoolen and Jan Watkins

2.    Approval of the Agenda
The Agenda was approved.

3.    Approval of Minutes of EGM held on 11 February 2015
Everyone received a copy of the EGM minutes in February and at that time Steve Bryant requested an alteration of the existing wording.  Steve  asked that his reply to Jim be altered to reflect his recollection of his statement.  Steve wished the statement in the Minutes :-  “He was sorry that he had forced people to resign but had had worries about insurance for Pilates.” be changed to: “I am sorry you felt forced to resign, but why didn’t you say something at the time.”
The President put the decision on approval of this change to the Club members present and a vote was taken, with the outcome as follows:  10 members not present at EGM abstained, 3 also abstained, l2 voted to leave the original statement and 8 voted to change this.    The Minutes were approved in their original form. 

4.    Matters arising from these Minutes
Wilma suggested writing a letter to the Marin Mairie thanking the commune for subsidizing the use of the Salle Polyvalente for the Pilates sessions.   Josette has since written on our behalf to them.  Many thanks Josette.  We will repeat this annually.

5.    Reports from Committee:-

       President’s Report
The President welcomed the Club members. The present Committee had been elected at the EGM in February.

The past year had been an interesting period for the Club. We were very pleased that nine new members had joined as they are essential to the Club and introducing new blood is a must for a lively continuation of the CIA.   One of our members, Gerda Van Zoest, moved away last year to be near her family, and Nathalie Meynet resigned. Also a sad event was the death of Jimmy Dey who was a founder member of the CIA.  His funeral was as he had requested a non-religious celebration of his life as relatives and friends gathered to share memories of him. 
        Secretary’s Report
It has been quite an eventful year since the last year AGM, with first the resignations and then the election of a new President and Vice President at the EGM  in February.  Since then some of the rules and regulations of the Club have been tightened up, especially concerning insurance protection.  At Pilates a weekly  register of attendance has been introduced and members will be asked to sign accepting that they consider themselves fit to participate in the exercises.   The form for new members has also been slightly changed. An email dated 17 February 2015 from the President was sent out  to all Club members explaining the changes.
I have been secretary to the Club for the past seven years and have decided it is now time to hand over this role to someone else.   I have enjoyed my role in this very friendly Club and the ever present spirit of helping one another.  I will of course still enjoy coming to the Wednesday evening Club events. 

         Social Secretary
Laurence and I hope you have all enjoyed the social programme we organized for you throughout the past year. I must admit that for me, it has not been an easy year in my personal life as my sister was ill with secondary cancer and she passed away at the end of July. This meant that often I had to go back to England to be with her, sometimes not knowing how long I would be away, and it was very comforting to know that Laurence was here to stand in for me and organize, in her very capable way, the social calendar when I was not around. Thank you Laurence for all your help.

Once again I believe we offered you all a varied programme throughout the year. Maybe not as many excursions as in the past but we have still done some armchair travelling to the Balkans, with Steve Milner, to the Dordogne, with Bill and Shirley, who also showed us how it’s never too late to start climbing mountains, and to ancient Mexico with Josette in November. Jan Watkins did an excellent presentation on King Richard III (who was reburied this year in Leicester Cathedral) and offered us some drinks and nibbles from the Middle Ages; Monique told us how to improve our memory and Jackie organized a fun Halloween evening. Of course, when talking about presentations we cannot leave out our former president, Jim, who manages to use his audio-visual and computer skills to put together some excellent shows. This year we had British Monarchy: It’s Pomp and Ceremony in March and then in September the long-awaited videos on club members’ favourite tunes. Both were excellent and well appreciated. Many thanks to all of you who made presentations and for all your hard work putting them together - they are always very popular with our members.

We had our usual summer favourites, this time not spoiled by the weather – the picnic at Amphion, which I understand was blessed with lovely warm weather; the Bastille Day picnic in Josette and Dale’s lovely garden and the walk from Anthy to Sechex followed by an excellent lunch (thanks to Pamela for the organization).

We always enjoy club Pot Lucks and this year was no exception. We had a vegetarian Pot Luck (a first, and very successful); a fish one with a wonderful selection of fish dishes and very few desserts (!) and we will have a Thanksgiving one at the end of November.

Here should also be mentioned the excellent dinner we enjoyed at the Restaurant Clos du Lac in Sechex back in March. This was in place of the annual dinner/dance and was as a result of the referendum we held this time last year when the vast majority of you voted in favour of an annual dinner rather than a dinner/dance.

While talking about food, new this year have been the cookery lessons in Thonon which were organized by Laurence. A very successful fish one was held in April and there are to be two lessons about cooking veal in November.

Many thanks also to those of you who kindly invited the club members to their homes during the year: Glogg at the Ramdani’s, St. Nicholas tea at Ben and Wilma’s, Christmas tea at the Mansfield’s, a barbeque at Deb and Steve’s and a birthday lunch at the Milner’s.

On the sporty side, Pilates carried on throughout the year in the Salle Polyvalente at Marin, helping to make us feel fitter and healthier (many thanks to Deb and to Jan, her able deputy) and we also enjoyed Scottish country dancing which normally takes place at the  Club house every second Monday afternoon – many thanks to Di and Graham for their efforts and patience in trying to keep an unruly mob under control!

Finally, I would like to say that although I am resigning as social secretary, I have enjoyed the past two years and I would like to encourage other members who have not done so to have a go. Laurence, I know, will make an excellent lead social secretary and many thanks to Shirley for offering to be her assistant.  I feel sure we will be in very capable hands.

Laurance, the assistant social secretary, wished to add her comment that she had enjoyed very much working with Marilyn.

        Pilates Report
In Debbie’s absence her Report was read out by Jennie:
Pilates has continued this year, Monday mornings from 10.00 to 11.00 am, in the Polyalente Hall at Marin,  or at the Club house by kind permission of  Dale and Josette.  Each week  between 10 to 15 people come and exercise for an hour, relax for five minutes and then retire to Publier for coffee and cakes.  Some cunning people skip the exercise altogether and just go for the coffee and cakes.

A big thanks to Jan who steps in to run the class when I am away.  She is brilliant and we all hope she will be fit enough to do it again very soon.  Thanks also to Shirley and Marilyn and now Sue for also providing back up when I am away, but mainly huge thanks to all you fit and energetic people who turn out each week to support me and the Club and your muscles.

        Newsletter Editor’s Report
In Steve’s absence his Report was read out by Jennie:
Earlier this year Ruth and Bill Morley came to visit us in Bernex.  Bill saw a copy of the Newsletter on our table and asked if I was still producing it.   I told him I was but I was giving it up.  “That’s what you said when we were over from the USA 3 years ago!” said Bill.  Well, I could not let him down again – This time I really have given it up!

After nine years as Editor I will miss it in some ways but it will be a relief in other ways not least in not having to arrange holidays to suit the next deadline.  I have made my goodbyes and expressed my thanks in the last Newsletter so it really only remains for me to give you all a few figures and to wish well for my successor.

      Figures: In 2013 the cost of a copy of the newsletter (delivered) was 1.87 Euros. In 2014 we only had three editions and the cost worked out to 2.57 Euros a copy.  This year we have spent 404 Euros making the cost per copy 2.24 Euros.  However, if one were to deduct about 60 Euros for materials in hand this would reduce the total expenditure for 2015 to 337 Euros – making the cost per copy 1.91 Euros.

      The future:  There seems to be a general assumption among members that the Newsletter is the official voice of the Club.  Back in the spring, after they had received an e-mail on the subject of liability, several members asked me why this had not been included in the Newsletter.  I had to agree that – on the rare occasions when there is any change of policy or other matters affecting the members - the jokes and pictures are of minor importance.  So perhaps, in future, official statements could be made through the Newsletter.

It was with great relief and with great joy that I heard Florence has offered to take over as Editor.   She is resourceful and creative and is unlikely to need any help or advice from me.   But of course I will be delighted to help her in any way.   I look forward to reading her Newsletter in whatever form they may take. 
The President said that everyone should still receive the Newsletter by post for the time being. 

6.  Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer presented the Club with the financial statement for the period 2014/2015.  Total income for 2015 was 3262.19 Euros with total expenses of  2590.96 Euros.  The overall balance was 3,187.25 Euros.   See annex one for the breakdown of these figures.

 7.  Auditor’s Report
At the request of the CIA Management Committee, as Auditor I have examined the books and the resulting Financial Statement for the year ending September 30, 2015.
I have audited the balance sheet as of September 30, 2015 and the related statements of income, retained earnings, and cash flows for the year then ended.
The audit included examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements.
I have found these properly kept, providing direct references and having sufficient transparency. 
I therefore state that, based on the documents provided, the financial Statement as per September 30 properly reflects the actual situation of the Club.

I  therefore recommend that the Treasurer being discharged for the year ending September 30, 2015.
 Allan Norback, Auditor,  St Paul en Chablais, October 2, 2015

Acceptance of the Financial Statement was proposed by John Cosford  and seconded by Steve Milner.  Agreed by all Club members.

9.  Appoint Auditor for year 2015/2016
Allan  Norback accepted that he would be auditor for the coming year.

10.  Election of Committee 2015/2016 
There being no alternative candidates for the Committee to those listed, if no objections, the President suggested electing the Committee en mass.
Proposed by Carl Wahlberg and seconded by Bill Stephen. No abstentions. 
All agreed on the new Committee members

The President declared the Committee elected for the year 2015-2016:

President                                              Di Robertson
Vice President                                       Deb Bryant
Secretary                                               Marilyn Hubble
Assistant Secretary                               Jennie Mansfield
Treasurer                                               Odette Meynet
Social Secretary                        Laurence Cottet-Dumoulon
Assistant  Social Secretary                 Shirley Stephen
Newsletter Editor                                  Florence Aupiais
Club Hostess (permanent post)          Josette Mckenzie


11.  Any other business
As the finances are healthy, the Committee has discussed the possibility of renewing the audio-visual equipment. The present set-up has proved to be inadequate for our needs and is often incompatible with modern equipment. To this end, Jim Cathcart was asked to look into the possibilities and costs of an electronic revamp. He has done this and the equipment that would be suitable for the Club is within our budget.

New Club Members
Sue and Mark Betts,  Claire Erlanger, Wendy Gorman, Kristina and Borje Skanberg, Shirley and Bill Stephen and Igny Windberg.

12. Date of next AGM
October/November 2016, actual date to be decided.

13.  Closing Meeting
The President said that this year has been a good one for the CIA with many presentations, outings and of course lots of chances to enjoy food and drink. She thanked everyone who organized such events and all those who took part. The CIA probably means different things to each of us but I am sure that we all appreciate the friendships that have arisen from our membership of the Club.

There are Committee Members who are leaving their posts and deserve our thanks for the work they have done:

Pamela as Secretary. I can do no better than quote what Jim has written in a note to me  …."I would like to say that Pamela was the secretary throughout my six years as President and I found her diligence and accuracy impeccable. She has an  ability to edit what is important and what isn’t in the cause of brevity and if Pamela had included something in any minutes, you could guarantee the accuracy of her recording of the event and what was said."
Pamela has worked as Secretary with a minimum of fuss and on the whole in good humour!  

Marilyn as Soc Sec. This is not an easy role. Marilyn has been superb. We’ve had meals, talks and demonstrations on lots of subjects and when necessary she has kept us informed of last minute changes.  The good thing is that we will continue to benefit from her support and enthusiasm on the Committee as she takes on the role of Secretary.

Steve  has said it all in his report as Journal Editor. Many people have enjoyed his Journals over the years for which we thank him.

Jim as President.  Unfortunately, circumstances meant that we were unable to thank Jim for his six plus years as President of the CIA when he resigned. He has been a popular President and was very good at working to produce a consensus from different views as well as managing improvements to various aspects of the Club.  He travelled frequently with his work but found time to attend Committee meetings, club nights and the Scottish Dance sessions. I can report he does a very fine pas de basque step.

The President thanked all the members for being present and declared this meeting closed.  Drinks and nibbles were available.

33 members attended

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